This Plant Plant has been officially put in to operation in 2004 and aims at producing Butane - 1, which is used as co-monomer in polyethylene Plants such as linear Low Density polyethylene and High Density polyethylene; Butane - 1 is used to adjust the density of these polymers. The feedstock of this Plant is Ethylene which is supplied from the Olefin Plant.

The nominal capacity of this Plant is 20,000 tons and 20,000 tons are also produced. The side product is C6 or C6 PLUS (hexane compounds), which is also returned to the Olefin Plant and is used in the gasoline unit of Olefin Plant. B1 Plant is also licensed by AXENS Company of France which is a branch of IFP. The products of this Plant are used for the other plants in the company.

This Plant, in addition to obtaining other standards of management systems of Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company, specifically has the REACH License from CHEM SERVICE Company according to European standards for B1 product.

Feedstock of this unit: 21,000 tons of ethylene from the olefin Plant

Productions: 20,000 tons of Butane - 1 per year

License: IFP

Grades of productions: B1 is used in the complex as the co- monomer.

Uses: Inner use of the company