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Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company is one of the largest producers of polymer products in Iran and is the pioneer in maintaining and protecting the national resources and promoting the correct energy consumption optimization patterns in the petrochemical economic special zone and the country. These measures are designed and implemented in line with sustainable development and macroeconomic policies of the country and the fifth development plan. Maintaining and safeguarding national capital and commitment to environmental protection and natural resources, and optimizing energy use as well as using clean energies have been key to the policies of senior management of the organization; with the help of Allah Almighty and relying on the knowledge of our employees, we are continuously striving to realize these goals.

Using the world's best practices and standards and according to its own visions, the company focuses on the energy policy and sets forth the following objectives:

·         Efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce its loss at the company level.

·         The optimal use of fossil fuels and the use of renewable energies to preserve and protect the environment.

·         Understanding and implementing energy efficiency opportunities in order to achieve the company's energy management goals.

·         Monitoring and measuring energy performance indicators and continuous improvement of energy efficiency at company level.

·         Training people who are influential in controlling the energy aspects and increasing the level of awareness of the staff towards energy management.

·         Identification of laws and requirements related to energy management in the national, regional and international contexts and compliance with them at the company level.

The company’s top management, along with practical commitment to the above policy, is to provide continuously improving the energy efficiency of the company by creating a partnership spirit and makes efforts to realize the minor and major goals of the company which are reviewed annually by providing appropriate resources and required information.

It is also expected that all respectable colleagues will follow this policy using their maximum capabilities and help managers and executives to achieve the goals of the company.