akpc / Sustainable Development / HSE / Environment

The most important environmental measures carried out in AKPC to reduce and eliminate environmental pollutants

Waste management

·         Providing and implementing waste management, maintenance and coding guidelines at the site level (according to Basel and RCRA methods).

·         Building the waste collection site in each unit for separation from source.

·         Implementation of a compound identification project on HD unit catalytic sludge waste and determination of titanium content to determine its principle duty.

·         Research on the Spent Catalyst Waste of B1 unit to determine the safe and principled method for disposal (dilution, building drainage reservoir and implementing gas transfer to flair route).

·         Concluding contract with recycling companies for the proper disposal of the waste (PROXIDE-NMP-PFO-coke-spent catalyst, catalytic sludge and waste oils).

·         Project of neutralization and safe disposal of peroxide material of LD Unit.

·         Project to determine the IPRA waste disposal by neutralization method in accordance with HSE regulations in HD unit.

Wastewater management

·         Implementing the instructions for monitoring and measuring wastewater.

·         Identifying all points with the potential of distributing materials and preparing wastewater contaminant diagrams.

·         Equipping the laboratory of the complex for wastewater analysis.

·         Continuous monitoring and measurement by the Environmental Agency trusted laboratory in line with self-declaration in monitoring (Contract since 2005).

·         Installing plates separating hydrocarbon from water in surface waters to reduce COD.

·         Installing a flow meter device on oily wastewater sent to Fajr.

·         Creating changes to the outlet wastewater of BD/B1 output to control the gases emitted from the PIT to the environment.

·         Daily monitoring of outlet surface waters exiting the complex (COD, PH, TDS).

·         Daily monitoring of oily wastewater sent to Fajr treatment plant (COD, PH, TDS).

·         Construction of the place for washing converters and pumps to prevent the release of contaminated wastewater.

·         Repairing and modifying the lines and reservoir of unit 27 to prevent caustic leak into the environment and transfer to oily wastewater.

·         Valve slide production project and deviation channel to prevent the release of contaminated water into the environment and directing them to the oily sewer.

Natural resources and green space management

·         Executing green space at the complex with an area of 4.3 hectares

·         Increasing green space is on the agenda for 2015-2016

Management of atmospheric pollutants

·         Identifying all points with potential of atmospheric emission and drawing the emission diagrams.

·         Concluding contract with a trusted laboratory of environmental agency to monitor atmospheric pollutants.

·         Project of constructing de coke pot for collecting outflow coke from Olefin Unit furnace.

·         Replacing the Flair type to control the flare and better burning in abnormal times.

·         Installing four CCTV cameras to control and a better burning of flares.

·         Replacing ozone-friendly gases instead of CFC gases in ventilation systems to prevent ozone depletion.

·         Monitoring and continuous measurement of sox, nox, co gases on furnace stacks.

·         Sampling project in closed method to prevent the release of gases into the environment (at laboratory’s sampling time).

·         Transmission of gases from the E-3090 converter of BD unit to the process.

Educational measures and culture promotion

·         Participation and sponsorship of national conferences with the themes of marine environment and sustainable industry and development.

·         Environment Conference (clean earth day, clean air day and environment week).

·         Providing brochures and environmental pamphlets with titles such as water pollution, atmospheric pollution, ozone layer, etc.

·         Establishing environmental pavilions for occasions (clean day, clean air days, and environmental week).

·         Performing environmental competitions for different occasions.

·         Organizing environmental education classes for complex personnel.

Environmental Management System:

·         Establishment of management system ISO 14000.

·         Establishment of HSE-MS management system.

implemented and to-be-implemented projects

·         Installing an online analyzer device on the outlet of surface water and stack of furnaces (being run).

·         Install a flow meter on the gas line transferred to the flare and measure its composition for monitoring and control (being run).

·         Repairing and replacing converters of units 24 of olefin unit to control wastewater and prevent leakage of materials into industrial wastewater (being run to reduce COD).

·         Project for identification of principal procedures for reducing or removing volume of outlet waste exiting the complex (being run).

Project for adding reactor and converter to unit 27 of olefin unit to increase oxidation and control of wastewater COD (being run).