Opening and delivering the houses built by AKPC in Madani Town for low-income individuals in 2016. 

مسئولیت اجتماعی


مسئولیت اجتماعی

Measures for social responsibility of the environment

Participation in and sponsorship of national conferences with themes including marine environment and sustainable industry and development in the region.

Holding environmental conferences on different occasions (Clean Earth Day, Clean Air Day and the Environment Week)

Establishing environmental pavilions for occasions (Clean Earth Day, Clean Air Day and the Environment Week) in the region.

Implementation of environmental competitions for various occasions in the region and the company.

Organizing environmental training classes for the personnel

Educational and culturalization activities

Providing brochures and pamphlets for staff and their families with topics:

Recycle paper and reuse it

Water consumption optimization and its purification methods

Water pollution sources and methods for preventing water pollution

Greenhouse gases and its environmental impacts

Ozone layer destructive gases (CFC gases), etc.

Educational and culturalization activities

- Organizing educational classes in the environment week for schools of the district with the aim of promoting environmental culture

- Walking and painting conferences for AKPC families on occasions clean air day; clean earth day and the environment week

- Encourage individuals who are active in the field of environmental culture (awarding prizes to personnel who are involved in the separation plan of urban waste in Besat Town)

- Participation with the Environmental Protection Agency of the province in Mahshahr School Environment Program for promoting environmental culture

- Distribution of brochures and puzzles with subject of recycling at Mahshahr schools

- Contract with recycling companies approved by Environmental Protection Agency of the province to make principal decisions on materials and wastes and observing environmental requirements at the region level and helping the environment