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Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company, as one of the largest producers of polymer products in Iran, in line with the macro policies of the country’s economic growth and its stakeholders requirements, always trying to highlight the principles of the quality management system to better understand the risks and opportunities ahead, in order to continuously improve the position of the organization.

Utilization of Strategic Management Techniques is one of the main principles of senior management in organization planning, guidance & leadership of the employees that based on business environment the micro and macro goals are updated and continuously improved.

In this regard, looking at a better future for sustainable development and excellency models is the road map of the organization so that it can become a valuable and excellent company in the field of producing polyethylene products in the country and take steps towards new strategies and visions by properly understanding the needs of stakeholders as well as relying on the knowledge and ability of employees.

For this purpose, the top management of the organization has identified the following guidelines as strategic axes to make them operational with the help of God and cooperation of staff:

·         Identifying opportunities and risks of the organization and trying to foster opportunities and reduce risks.

·         Institutionalizing ethical values and accountability at all organizational levels of the company

·         Promoting the health and environment safety culture and comply with the HSE rules and regulations regarding the activities of the company.

·         The optimal use of resources and facilities of the company in the path of compensating for the decline in production compared to nominal capacity and investments.

·         Establishing and promoting participatory management at all levels of company decision making.

·         Continuous improvement in product quality, deployment of customer relationship management system (CRM), and interacting more with stakeholders.

·         Using and upgrading of integrated information technology systems and orientation towards establishment and deployment of an ERP system.

·         Using advanced technologies and the expansion of research activities in the company.

·         Economic production in the form of cost management.

·         Increasing gas and liquid feedstock resources by investing in upstream projects.

·         Increasing the olefin Plant capacity to provision of feed for polyethylene Plants and feed storage compatible with production.

·         Identifying bottlenecks and limitations in production Plants and resolve them.

·         Organizational thinking for the development and implementation of projects with a systematic planning in time and cost management and having a desirable quality.

In this regard, senior management of the company is committed to reviewing and improving the requirements of the organization’s management system over specific periods of time and always ensuring the correctness of its optimal performance.

It is my belief in maintaining values & accountability and specialty of managers and employees.

I expect all of them with their maximum scientific and technical abilities, will help the management to realize the bottom line of this policy.