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Code of Ethics:

My colleagues and I in the Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company promise to ourselves in the presence of the Allah Almighty to realize the vision and achieve the fundamental values of the company, while respecting the principles of ethics and adherence to professional ethics and human dignity, we strive to make the correct and optimum use of the company's capital and show our commitment to the values of the organization. In this regard:

·         In adopting and implementing the company's decisions in accordance with the principles of safety, health and the environment, we prevent the occurrence of factors that endanger our environment.

·         We will refrain doing any actions that harm the property, reputation and credibility of the organization and others while being always tidy and observing the religious and Islamic principles.

·         We demonstrate our commitment to the company's core values, including hope for advancement, positive thinking, continuous learning, creativity and innovation, human dignity, continuous improvement, harmony and empathy, teamwork spirit in action, and we try our best to institutionalize it.

·         We are truthful in expressing claims or expert assessments and we are loyal to fulfilling our duties and responsibilities and respect the confidentiality of affairs.

·         While striving to improve the quality of our services, we welcome the criticisms and suggestions of our customers, and we consider it as the basis for our growth and improvement of our performance.

·         We treat our stakeholders according to the principles of honesty and mutual respect and we always commit ourselves to responding to them.

·         We always support our colleagues in the strict implementation of this ethical charter and eagerly support each other in pursuit of the goals of the company.