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This Plant produces LLDPE that takes its initial feed, which contains ethylene, from the Olefin Plant and Butene-1 from B1 Plant. The annual production capacity of this Plant is 260,000 tons per year.

This Plant, in addition to AKPC management systems, has special Certificate of Food Grade Contract.



Volume in thousand tons per year

Ethylene from Olefin Plant


Butene 1 from Butene-1 Plant



LLD Polyethylene, 260,000 tons per year

Licensor: INEOS Company  

Grades of products that can be produced:

LL0220 KJ, HD6070EA, HD6070UA, LL0205AA, HD5226EA, LL0209AA, LL0220AA, LL0209KJ


Cable Caps, types of small packaging, production of hard films, general use in making various films, pipes, home appliances, liquids containers, types of plastic bags