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LD Plant is under the license of French Basel Company with three contracting companies of Daelim, Simon Karz, and Iranian Namavaran. LD Plant was built in partnership with these three companies and it has been officially put in to operation on January, 2011. 

The design capacity of this Plant is 300,000 tons per year and its Products include different grades such as 2420D, 2420H, and 2420F, and 2420K.

These products have been produced over these years, but this Plant has also the license of other grades. However, most of products of this Plant are the four mentioned products. Among these four products, 2420F is a new grade that was produced last year (2018) for the first time, but the grades 2420H and 2420D forms the bulk of our products.

The main feedstock of LD Plant is ethylene, which is obtained from the Olefin Plant. This feed after being pressurized in a high-pressure compressor up to 2700 bars, its reactions begin by injecting the initiator. After producing melted polymer, this polymer extruded into extruder and converted to granules and then is stored in storage silos and packed.

Most of the sales of this Plant is exports to the Middle East, China and Europe, Turkey and other countries.

The capacity of LD Plant is zero and one.

In order to reduce costs or increase production, the corresponding solvent was changed from isododecane to normal paraffin. For two years, due to the difficulty of purchasing isododecane from abroad, normal paraffin which was produced in Isfahan was replaced for a while. But as this replacement required changes to the system and consequently caused some problems, the isododecane was used again.

In this Plant over the past few years, major activities have been undertaken to upgrade the systems, for example, to prevent unwanted stops, installed a monitoring system for high pressure compressors. There was no prior monitoring of systems but it happened afterwards by purchasing the prognostic system which is determined what part should be repaired before the compressor wants to stop & where should the problem be fixed.

Also other activities, such as repairing the extruder shaft and its replacement, have been done with the presence of Vendor. The replacement of peroxide injection pumps to the reactor is now on the agenda which includes new technologies that can lead to increased production and now the purchase request of them is issued and we are currently in the process of purchasing the pumps.



Supplying Plant

Volume in thousand tons per year


Olefin Plant






LD Polyethylene, 300,000 tons per year

Licensor: BASEL France

Grades of products which can be produced: 

2420K, 2420D, 2420F, 2420H, 2426F, 2426H, 2426K, 3020K, 3020H, 3026K, 2200D, 2200F, 2206F, 2220H, 3026H, 2200H, 2206H ,1800S


Production of polyethylene pipes, low volume containers, household dishes, toys, electrical and telecommunication wires coatings, films, various car parts, Sporting Goods, Laboratory Equipment and Industrial Parts & etc.