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Amir Kabir Petrochemical Health Unit is active in three areas including occupational health, environmental health and nutrition by attracting experts related to each field. The main achievements and activities are as follows:


·         Receiving letter of appreciation from the health department of Oil Industry for interaction and cooperation in the coverage of examinations in 2008 and 2009

·         Receiving letter of appreciation from National Petrochemical Industries Company for holding the health festival in 2010

·         Receiving letter of appreciation from the Health Deputy of Abadan University as the top Occupational Health in 2014

·         Receiving the Green Restaurant Certification from Mahshahr Health Center in 2014

·         100% coverage of occupational examinations of official and contracting personnel and the absence of occupational diseases so far.

Major Projects and Activities:

·         Measuring and evaluating harmful pollutants in the workplace and identifying the adverse events in each field.

·         Designing and installing 8 types of silencers on equipment to reduce sound

·         Sampling and analysis of chemicals by the laboratory of the complex

·         Equipping the health unit with all measuring equipment for pollutants in the work environment including sound meter, light meter, air sampling pumps, thermal stress assessment device, etc.

·         Evaluation of biological indices for personnel exposed to benzene

·         Performing specific mercury examinations for personnel who are in some way exposed to mercury.

·         Installation of 66 water treatment machines and 16 ice-maker machines in the complex to provide drinking water for the personnel.

·         Concluding contracts with trusted laboratory for food sampling to further supervision over the health and performance of contractor of cooking and foodstuff.

·         Evaluation of chemical materials risk and prioritization of materials that have the highest risk in the complex and daily evaluation for testing the materials in the complex.

·         Performing respiratory protection program and providing life span for masks’ cartridge and developing a program to replace them and manufacturing machines to test the filters in order to ensure of cartridges performance.

·         Buying 700 full-face Masks and 200 half-face masks for personnel.

·         Performing three projects of lighting source increase to improve lighting in laboratories of Olefin, LD and LLD site and defining some projects to improve the lighting in the industrial sites and parts warehouse that are in progress.

·         Assessing the risk of occupational health hazards and prioritizing health risks and planning to reduce unacceptable risks.

·         Conducting various sport competitions, written and cooking competitions on different occasions of health to promote the level of health culture among families.

·         Purchase Supervision of protective devices such as masks and earphones in accordance with work environment pollutants for staff use in the complex.

·         Holding training seminars with the participation of the most experienced and top faculty members in the country and providing the necessary training by domestic experts.