Starting Date: The Olefin Plant has been officially put in to operation on May 2005 and started its production.

Capacity: This Plant is designed to produce 520,000 tons of ethylene gas and 154,000 tons of propylene liquid annually.

Feedstock: the feedstock of this Plant include: LPG, Raffinate 2, light ends, feedstock Raffinate 1, Ethane, C3 PLUS, and some other minor feedstock.


Annual Volume

Ethane gas from Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company

233,000 tons

Raffinate 1 from Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company

 210,000 tons

Butane from Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company

117,000 tons

Light End from Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company

350,000 tons

Raffinate 2 from Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company

199,000 tons

LPG from Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company

39,000 tons

Pentane Cut from Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company


Feedstock Supply Source: The feedstock of this Plant is supplied from different areas; LPG, Raffinate 2 and light end are received from Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company. Raffinate 1 and Ethane Feedstocks are taken from Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company, C3 PLUS is received from Marun Petrochemical Company and some other minor feedstock are from other places.

Operating Process of the Olefin Plant: After entering the feeds to the plant, a steam thermal cracking process is performed on them, and then the separation Processes are carried out. Since the Olefin plant feedstocks are composed of liquids and gases, the type of process is combinational. Part of the feedstocks are liquids and the others are gaseous. There are 7 furnaces in the Olefin Plant, 5 furnaces for liquid feeds and 2 furnaces for gaseous feeds that only contain ethane. 2 furnaces of these 5 liquid furnaces can also have ethane feed.

Products: The main products of this Plant are ethylene and then propylene. Other products include: pyrolysis gasoline, PFO (pyrolysis fuel oil), C4 CUT, and finally hydrogen.


Annual Volume


520,000 tons


154,000 tons

Pyrolysis Gasoline

134,000 tons


104,000 tons

Liquid fuel

5023 tons

Consumptions and distribution methods of other Plants:

Products of the olefin Plant;

·         Ethylene gas is sent to LLD, HD, and LD Plants and is converted to polymeric polyethylene plastic.

·         The propylene product is sent to the Navid Zarchimi petrochemical Company and is converted into the polypropylene plastic.

·         C4 CUT product is sent to the butadiene Plant which is used in production of butadiene. This product is either exported or sent to the Takhte Jamshid Petrochemical Company for the production of various types of tires.

·         Gasoline, which is exported or sent to the Bu Ali Sina Company and is used for the production of aromatics.

·         PFO product which is used in soot producing industries and carbon black and Dezful Sanati Doodeh Fam Companies (SADAF).

·         Hydrogen which is sent to the Razi Petrochemical Company.


For conversion to

User Plant

Ethylene gas

Polymeric polyethylene plastic

LLD, HD, and LD


Polypropylene plastic

Navid Zarchimi petrochemical Company






Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical Company


Soot production

Carbon Black, Sanati Doodeh Fam company (SADAF)



Razi Petrochemical Company

License: The License of this Plant belongs to the LINDE Company of Germany. LINDE Company is the largest licensors of the olefin plants in the world and has manufactured 65% of the world’s olefins.

In addition to possessing the other management system standards of Amir kabir Petrichemical Company, this Plant exclusively has REACH License from CHEMSERVICE Company according to European standards for the product of Ethylene.