Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company has made efforts to identify the laws and requirements related to energy management, develop energy management in the organizational structure, formulate policies and procedures for identification, review the energy aspects, establish energy management according to standard ISO 5001 since 2012 to plan and establish an energy management system at the complex level and in order to manage the energy efficiently and based on the analysis of domestic conditions in accordance with the law of targeted subsidies in line with the macroeconomic policies of the country in order to observe the pattern of consumption and protection of capital national. In the strategic committee and the energy workgroup, which consists of personnel of operation, repairing, process engineering, administrative, quality assurance, the identification and revision of energy aspects of units are annually reviewed, the list of improvement opportunities is identified, energy efficiency optimization projects are defined based on the identified improvement opportunities. Solutions are categorized in short, medium, and long term regarding time of implementation, the costs are classified into no cost, low cost and costly. The optimization projects are prioritized in order to be executed. In this regard, AKPC has implemented or is implementing projects to save and optimize energy consumption.

Samples of measures to optimize energy and modify consumption pattern are as follows:

·         Carry out energy pass audit,

·         Implementation of steam trap management system,

·         Carry out an energy audit to obtain a standard energy certification from the Standard Office for polyethylene and olefin units

·         Using services of consultant companies in energy

Implementation of training courses and seminars at different levels of the organization with the aim of teaching the importance of optimizing energy consumption and teaching methods and technologies for energy optimization. The effectiveness of energy approach is evaluated in accordance with the energy management system and the following figure through various indicators such as energy intensity and optimal consumption percentage of energy carriers (b9).

In the recent revision of this approach, it was decided that energy indicators should be monitored in meetings entitled the economic balance of company.

·         Monitoring the consumption of energy carriers of the complex

·         Installing capacitor bank on KV6 Posts with the aim of reducing the reactor power received from Fajr Petrochemical and correcting the power coefficient.