akpc / Marketing and Sales / Interaction with Marketing and Sales

Amir Kabir Petrochemical Marketing and Sales Department , considering the vision, mission and values of the organization and by studying the macro and micro environments of the industry, through the defined models and their adaptation with the capabilities and potential of the organization, has developed related strategies in pursuit of the long-term goals of this manufacturing company. Besides, by designing a market plan, it tries to maximize the opportunities ahead. In this regard, the company believes in the scientific movement and dissemination of the culture of scientific deal with customers who are key stakeholders and the attraction of their maximum satisfaction is considered very important.

In the trading market due to existing competition, in order to gain more market share, many issues such as how to communicate with the customer, terms of product supply, sales prices, purchased product payment method, manner and time of delivery of the product, and after-sales services are important for  manufacturers and buyers.

The Sales and Marketing Department has done its all efforts to realize the goals and strategies of the marketing and sales department in the BSC sights, especially the perspective of the client, by defining approaches such as: interaction with customers, domestic sales, export sales, market analysis, product delivery and after-sales services and its streamlining through related processes and instructions and monitoring, evaluating key performance indicators and applying the measures of improvement and creativity and innovation from the analysis of the gap between the purpose and the performance.




Ehsan Khoramdel


Head of sales engineering and market analysis

Mahmood Safiei


Major expert of market analysis and pricing

Mohamad Dehghani


Major expert of customers complaints consideration

Reza Abasi


Expert of sales engineering and market analysis

Akram Rajabi


Expert of sales engineering and market analysis

Kambiz Sanaeii


Expert of marketing and foreign sale

Paria Fazeli


Expert of marketing and foreign sale

Astiazh Hekmat Panah


Expert of marketing and foreign sale

Korosh Ardashiri


Expert of marketing and domestic sale

Hamid Jafari


Expert of marketing and domestic sale

Mehdi Bani Saeed


Expert of marketing and domestic sale

Sana Ghalebi


Supervisor of product delivery planning

Amir Hossein Banafshe


Expert of international transportation

Khashayar Askari


Expert of international transportation

Maryam Haji Zeinolabedini


Expert of international transportation