Butadiene (BD)

This Plant has been officially put in to operation in 2005 and it is licensed by Germany BASF Company.

This Plant was designed to produce 50,000 tons butadiene from C4 CUT as a feedstock. The C4 CUT is imported from the olefin Plant and is about 105,000 tons; the BD is separated from the feed in this Plant. This is the main material used in the manufacture of SBR, ABS, and PBR synthetic tires for the production of automobile tires and any other rubber. There should always be butadiene in this material. It is worth noting that natural rubber was previously used, but now synthetic rubber is used.

The remaining 50,000 tons is Raffinate, which is sent to the Shimibaft Petrochemical Company, where they use its isobutene and the remaining material will be returned to the Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company.

The target markets of this Plant  were initially foreign markets, but now it is mostly sent to the Takhte Jamshid Petrochemical Company.

Feedstock: 105,000 tons of ethylene per year from the Olefin Plant.



Volume per thousand tons annually






As a raw material for the manufacture of synthetic rubbers and resistant polymers such as PBR, ABS, BDSR